Is the spare tires option available?2021-09-06T05:04:12+10:00

Yes, available with extra charges.

What is the warranty period after sale?2021-09-06T05:03:05+10:00

One year from the date of delivery.

Can we choose different colors with the same products?2021-09-06T05:02:22+10:00

Yes, extra charges might be applicable depending on the color selection.

Is contactless delivery option available?2021-09-06T04:59:45+10:00

Yes, we can arrange your pickup and payment 100% contactless.

What is the available local pickup option?2021-09-06T04:58:39+10:00

The pickup option is available from our location at New Gisborne VIC 3438.

What is approximately delivery time after placing order?2021-09-06T04:56:45+10:00

Depends upon the type of trailer. There may be further delay time due to the COVID situation.

Is the price listed on the website and other digital and print media included with rego?2021-09-06T04:55:15+10:00

No, Rego costs $150 extra. It can be ordered as an add-on while ordering the product on the website.

What are the delivery options if we can’t pickup?2021-09-06T04:53:57+10:00

Yes, subject to delivery suburbs, there are extra charges for delivery. Please contact our sales staff for further information.


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